The red onion (Allium cepa), which is also understood as the bulb onion,  normal red onion  as well as garden red onion, is the most commonly planted kinds of the genus Allium.  The genus Allium likewise consists of an amount of other kinds variously described as onions and also cultivated for meals, such as the Japanese bunching onion (A. fistulosum), Egyptian onion (proliferum), and also Canada red onion (A. canadense).


The term "feral onion" is installed on a variety of Allium varieties. The vast bulk of cultivars of A. cepa belong to the "normal red onion bunch" (A. cepa var. cepa) and are usually referred to simply as "red onions". The Aggregatum Bunch of cultivars (A. cepa var. aggregatum) features both shallots and yam red onions. Allium cepa is realized exclusively in farming,  but relevant feral types develop in Central Asia. The most thoroughly relevant varieties consist of Allium vavilovii .

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